Practice Research Network

Invitation to a Practice Research Network (PRN) Using a Progress Monitoring Measure

What is a PRN?

A PRN is a group of practitioners and researchers who work together to investigate questions about practice.   The questions investigated are chosen by practitioners and researchers together and are those that have the greatest relevance to practice; all members have a voice in this important part of the process.   Practitioner and researcher-members work together to design a good study and to select appropriate measures.  Practitioner members provide expertise that comes from the clinical perspective including input on the procedures and measures that will work in their practices and how to involve clients and other therapists. Practitioners collect data in their own practice settings.  Researcher members usually undertake the data analytic phase.  The group comes together to examine the findings and determine how to use them in practice and how to communicate them to others. 

Benefits to Belonging to a PRN

Membership in a PRN allows all members to take an active role in shaping the knowledge base of the profession.  Researchers have access to the knowledge and experience of those involved in the actual practice of psychotherapy; they can collect data that reflect psychotherapy as it is practised in the real world.   Practitioners who have been involved in PRNs in other places have reported benefits such as getting useful clinical data from the research process, appreciating the professional community of the network, and having findings that offer answers to their clinical questions.  In this network, all participants will expand their knowledge of progress monitoring in practice.  If you would like to read more about practitioner experiences in a PRN please click on the PDF titled Psychotherapists’ Experiences in a PRN (Castonguay et al., 2010). 

The Canada PRN
We are currently in the process of setting up a network that we will ultimately be Canada-wide (C-PRN).  The C-PRN will use the Outcome Questionnaire-45 to monitor client progress in therapy. To learn more about progress monitoring please see the May issue of the Canadian Psychology. To learn more about the OQ-45 please visit  Discussions about other measures and questions that the network will address are currently underway. 

Who are the current network organizers?

Dr. Louise Hartley
York University Psychology Clinic

Dr. Charles Nelson
Ontario Psychological Association

Dr. Lynne Angus
York University

Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick
McGill University

How do I find out more or join?

We will shortly be undertaking a pilot study for the network.  If you would like to participate, learn more, or participate in the pilot study, please CLICK HERE.