Clinical services


You will find a list of community resources on the website of Medipsy Psychological Services.

Please click here for easy to read information about  psychological assessments. Click here for easy to read information about psychotherapy and about choosing a psychotherapist.

The MPPRG provides low fee psychological services to the community through its clinic. These services, which include psychotherapy and psychological assess ment, are delivered by licensed psychologists or by doctoral students under the supervision of licensed psychologists. All services are confidential.


  • fill out brief questionnaires before or after therapy, or after selected sessions;
  • agree to have the therapy sessions video recorded;
  • undergo a psychological assessment.

Projects are set up in a way that do not interfere with your treatment and as such, are minimally invasive. In fact, they often contribute to your treatment by offering additional services or time to reflect upon your treatment.

Services offered

Services are offered to young adults and adults. The MPPRG Clinic only offers individual psychotherapy. Our clinic also offers long distance therapy via video conference. The McGill Professional Psychology Services Clinic, which shares space with the MPPRG clinic, offers other services to children, adolescents and families, including educational and vocational assessments. For more information about the latter, contact the clinic coordinator at 514-398-4641.

  • Psychotherapy
    A number of different treatment modalities are offered. The selection of one modality over another depends on a number of factors that are specific to your situation, as well as on the best evidence available. The treatments offered include individual short term psychodynamic or cognitive behavioral psychotherapy as well as exposure therapy using virtual reality. We also offer long distance therapy via video conference.
  • Fee
    The MPPRG clinic offers low fee services. While psychologists in the community might charge between $80 and $180 per hour, our services are available for a fraction of that cost because we collect data for ongoing research projects while you undergo treatment. Depending on the service delivered, our fee is between $20 and $70 per session. Sometimes, the service is entirely free of charge.  Psychological services such as the ones we offer are tax deductible and may be reimbursed by your insurance company.
  • Booking an appointment
    Clients and patients may be referred by community agencies, schools, or by professionals including psychologists, physicians (e.g. your family doctor or psychiatrist), social workers, and counsellors. However, clients can contact the clinic directly. To book an appointment, please contact Sally Crawford at 514-398-4641.
  • Getting to the clinic
    The clinic is located on floor B1, 3700 McTavish street, between Dr Penfield avenue and Avenue des Pins. You may enter the building through Peel street as well, although access by McTavish is easier. You may use the elevators to reach B1.


Please note that the MPPRG Clinic does NOT offer emergency services or crisis intervention. McGill students experiencing an emergency or crisis situation may contact Mental Health Services at 514-398-6017 or Counselling Services at 514-398-3601.

Others should consult their local CLSC or hospital, or dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is psychotherapy confidential?
    Absolutely. Anything discussed in therapy with your therapist remains confidential, even if you are participating in a research project. Researchers from the MPPRG must also respect confidentiality at all times. No information is released to anyone without your written consent.
  • When can I see a therapist?
    All services are offered by appointment only. You must discuss your availabilities with your therapist.